Airport Base Station, Airport card and software

Do away with the wires!

Apple's AirPort wireless networking technology lets you surf the Internet from almost anywhere in your home or business, and enables schools to provide Internet access to multiple students without installing expensive cabling.*

With AirPort-enabled Macintosh systems, it's a snap to exchange files or play multiplayer games at data transfer rates of up to 11 megabits per second. And because AirPort uses radio waves for communication, it can even work through walls.

Ready to roll

Since AirPort antennas are built into all new computers from Apple, all you need to add is an internal AirPort Card for each system you want to bring onto your wireless network, and a wireless access point.

Special note

Certain G3-based iMacs are not AirPort ready and also are not compatible with the Adapter Kit or AirPort Card. These are any tray-loading iMac G3 and the 350Mhz G3 Indigo slot-load iMac introduced in Summer 2000.




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