Text Links

The first part of this page uses two Actions, Mal's Buy Text Link and Mal's Review Cart Text Link. Note that each link for a product adds that item to the cart, and as many items as you like can be put on a page this way. Since these examples are using a simple text link, this can make it easy for a malicious person to view the code and 'create' their own items and prices by simply typing in a similar link in their browser but change the price, etc. This limitation can be overcome by using the link verification available at Mal's. If your browser supports them, see how the tool tips and the status bar are set for each link below. In a real store, each link would have similar settings for all three products as well as the review cart link.

Widget Price: $10 Add to cart

Gidget Price: $20 Add to cart

Fidget Price: $30 Add to cart

Review your cart

Image Links

The next part of the page is similar to the first part, except instead of using text links, images are used. The two Actions in use here are Mal's Buy Image Link and Mal's Review Cart Image Link. Both Actions are applied to the graphic pass-through items below as appropriate. Note how the link to review your cart is exactly the same for the text link above and the image link below.

Car Price: $10,000

Star Price: $20,000

Guitar Price: $100,000

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