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20 October 2010

Posted at 08:36 in News

Get Freeway Express (and 11 other amazing apps) for just $49!

05 August 2009

http://www.macbundlebox.com/bundle/latestbundle/images/logo.pngThe guys over at Mac Bundle Box have put together another amazing bundle offer that includes twelve applications for your Mac including Softpress' very own Freeway Express.

Express offers most of the core functionality of it's older brother, Freeway Pro, allowing you to get your sites online quickly and with the minimum of fuss. You can choose from any of the supplied templates or just get started creating the exact web site of your dreams. No coding, no browser issues, just results.

The application also supports encoded actions including many on this site allowing you to extent the application's feature set without having to resort to adding markup code.

For anyone considering creating a web site on their Mac Freeway Express, and specifically the Mac Bundle Box deal is a great offer and shouldn't be missed. The fact that you also get eleven other great applications in the deal is, for me, the cherry on the cake.

Getting your hands on twelve great Mac applications worth $458.59 for just $49 can't be missed.

Mac Bundle Box - available for a limited time.

Posted at 09:26 in News

Show some love to Freeway this Valentine's day with the Flurry action

13 February 2009

Today is the day that we show our love for Freeway and what better way to express ourselves than to apply the Flurry action to our pages.

Go on, pour your heart out!


Posted at 07:41 in News

Google SOAP search API keys are no longer available

13 February 2009

http://code.google.com/images/code_sm.pngGoogle has stopped issuing API keys for it's SOAP search tool which the DPS Google Search action relies on. Although you won't be able to request any more keys if you already have one (or a bunch) then you will still be able to use this in the action to enable your site searches.

Now it appears that Google stopped issuing these back in 2006 - just before I went into my coma it appears! The latest news as it breaks only here at FreewayActions.com!

Posted at 07:28 in News

A long awaited spring clean comes to the FreewayActions.com downloads

12 February 2009

/Resources/mac_zip_icon.jpgAfter a long time of holding on to the old StuffIt file archives for action downloads we've finally updated them to standard OS X zip archives. StuffIt was great for dealing with both OS 9 and OS X archives but now that almost all of our visitors are purely OS X users we felt it was time to finally switch.

Now when you download an action using Safari, for example, you will never actually see the zip file as it gets automatically extracted on completion. A much cleaner experience than having to deal with StuffIt.

We've also taken this opportunity to encode all of the actions for Freeway Express. Typically you can expect an action to now work with Freeway Pro versions 3, 4 or 5 and Freeway Express 4 and 5 unless otherwise stated.


Posted at 06:20 in Action updates, News

Remote Resources 2.02 now available!

06 February 2009

The Remote Resources action has been given a minor update to version 2.02 following reports of problems with Freeway 5.

The action now works when applied to a folder that isn't in the root level of the site. It also works around what I think is a bug in Freeway where a closing html tag could go missing.

The action works with Freeway Pro or Express versions 4 and 5.

Download the action and, as ever, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Posted at 05:51 in Action updates, News

Mal's E-Commerce Suite version 1.5 now available!

01 July 2008

I am very pleased to announce the availability of version 1.5 of the Mal's E-commerce actions for Freeway. This free upgrade for all registered users fixes issues users were having using the hash encoding routines in combination with multi-price select lists.

Previously these were failing to validate in the shopping cart. Although the action has been totally rewritten and the output code has been updated the action interface remains the same. This means that once the new action is installed any exiting settings will automatically be picked up and used. The remaining actions in the suite remain unchanged.

An update e-mail to all registered users will be going out this week so get in touch if you haven't heard from us by then (although do check your spam folder as our e-mails often end up in there for some reason!). :-)

Posted at 05:42 in Action updates, News

Mals E-Commerce nightmares and finally, a solution!

03 June 2008

/Resources/malsfishlogo.gifUsers of the Mals E-Commerce suite of actions have been having a hard time using the actions with the hash encoding function coupled with the multi-price select lists. The issue is that the cart will always refuse the link validation saying and display a simple error to the user.

Here at FreewayActions.com we've been pulling the action set apart looking to resolve the issue and over the lat few months most of all of the actions have been in parts at some point or another. Requests for help to the Mals forum resulted in a lot of helpful replies but no solution.

We were pretty much ready to give up on this when early this morning (1am) we got an e-mail from Mal himself saying that he had spotted an error in the shopping cart and that the hash encoding should now work as planned.

Sure enough all of my sample files started working again!!! Thank you Mal!

This morning I started work on revising the action parts that would need to be updated and I've just finished the first version of the 1.5b beta action.

If you are a registered user of the Mals Suite and would like to test this beta action then please get in touch.

I'm hoping to roll this version of the action out to all registered users once we pass testing and documenting the revised feature set.

Posted at 06:34 in Action updates, News

Downloads fixed - again!

04 September 2007

Over the weekend my host upgraded the box this site lives on to PHP5 which not only brings the site kicking and screaming into the 21st century but also managed to break the (very simple) download counter we've got running.

After a very short time on Google I was able to figure out not only what the error was in the old PHP script but had also found a complete solution as well. I do love Google!

So to cut a very long story short the downloads are now back up and running once again.

Download and be happy!

Posted at 23:15 in News

Download problems

02 May 2007

After about a week of being offline due to relocating to the US I powered up my e-mail today to see that several users had reported that certain downloads from FreewayActions.com were broken. Sure enough the stats package used for counting the downloads had gone somewhat off the rails. Some entries were totally missing from the database and the remaining had VERY large download counts! Four and a half million downloads anyone?

Anyway the problem is now resolved and you should be able to download once again. Apologies for any problems this may have caused.

Posted at 06:05 in News

All the news you can use!

08 March 2007

It's been a long time coming but here it is. FreewayActions.com has finally got it's own news section. Expect to see posts on action updates as well as general chit-chat on what's in the pipeline with both the site and actions in general.

If there is something that you want to see here just get in touch. We can only say no! ;-)

Posted at 15:56 in News
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