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Although this action, like many others on this site, are free we do ask that you consider making a donation. All funds collected go directly back into the continued development of the actions and this site.

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This Action is Freeway 7 ready!

Download File - Plus

Based on Softpress' own Download File action this version has been extended to include the ability to automatically attach the size of the file to be downloaded to the link itself.
Displaying the file's size with the link benefits the user in that that will have a clear indication of the time the file will take to download based on their current connection.
For an example of the action in use simply look to the
Download section at the foot of this page where it is being used to provide the link for the action.

Adding the action to your pages:
Applying the action to a specific text box is quite simple. Simply follow the ' Applying Inline Actions ' guidelines.

Using the action:
Once the action has been applied its settings can be viewed and set from the Download File - Plus tab in the Actions palette. If the palette is not visible simply select Actions from the Window menu and the palette will open (figure 1.2).

Download File - Plus
Figure 1.2 - The settings for Download File - Plus

The Activate check box () is something that you will find in a lot of these actions as it allows action code to be disabled without needing to be removed from the item which would, in turn, lose any of the user settings applied to it. It allows users to quickly add and remove action functionality very quickly and easily.

Below the Activate check box are the main controls that attach the link to the file and, optionally, display the file's size.

Until the file to be downloaded is selected using the File pop-up menu () the remainder of the action's interface will remained dimmed and inactive. Once selected the Name () that will be displayed in the file link can be entered.
Uncheck Add file size () and the action will function exactly as Download File does. With this checked, however, we can define how and where the file's size will be displayed.
Include size in link allows the file's size to be added, as the check box suggests, either inside or outside of the text that makes up the link itself. With the check box ticked the file's size becomes part of the link as well as the text we entered into the Name field ().

The last section of the action's interface allows us to specify what information, if any, is added to the link's title tag.
In Internet Explorer the title tag is used to display further information about the item under the cursor. When the user rolls over the link a little balloon
help 'bubble' (figure 1.3) will pop open on the Mac. On Windows based PC's the text will appear as a yellow tool tip bar.

Figure 1.3 - A tool tip message as seen on a Mac.

The title tag Add info () options are;

  • Off
    With this set to Off the action will not add any information to the title tag of the link.
  • Add default info
    Download File - Plus will add a generic comment to the title tag of the file in the form of;
    [file name] ([file size])

  • Add custom info...
    This will allow the user to enter any information they require in the Custom text field ().


Freeway 3.1 or above including FreewayPro 3 & 4. This action will also work with Freeway Express 4 or above.

Browser compatibility:
All browsers.

Click here (2.81 K) to download a copy of this action.

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