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Although this action, like many others on this site, are free we do ask that you consider making a donation. All funds collected go directly back into the continued development of the actions and this site.

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This Action is Freeway 7 ready!


Favicons are the small icons that precede URLs in most web browsers. By adding a favicon to your site you can display a company logo or icon when the site is viewed or bookmarked. In addition certain modern browsers also support animated icons allowing you to specify a standard animated GIF as a favicon.

Figure 1.1 - A favicon as seen in Mozilla 1.0 on a Mac

Adding the action to your pages:
To add this action to your Freeway pages follow either the 'Applying Page Actions' guidelines for individual pages or the 'Applying Folder Actions' guidelines to apply the action to a whole folder of pages.

Creating an icon file (.ico):
The icon file itself is simply a bitmap image saved in ideally the .ico file format but increasingly more browsers now support icons in GIF or PNG formats. Sadly there are few Mac applications that can export the ico file type although one of the best, GraphicConverter, is available from Lemkesoft.
Create your icon as a 16 pixel square image and save it using an indexed colour palette. After conversion to an .ico file format it should ideally be called 'favicon.ico' to work once online.

As Freeway supports Photoshop compatible file format plug-ins you can also generate your .ico files without having to leave the application.
Simply download the open source freeware plug-in from the Telegraphics web site and pop it the plug-ins folder in the same folder as the Freeway application itself.
You can now choose your design in your Freeway page and export it as an .ico file by selecting Export from the File menu.

Possibly the easiest and fasted way of creating your favicon has to be to use the online FavIvon generator over at html-kit.com
Simply use the handy form below to select your graphic and let html-kit.com generate your favicon for you. Easy!

Select Image:

  using FavIcon from Pics

Please note: The majority of web browsers won't display the favicon when you preview the page locally. You'll need to upload your site to a web server and look at it there to see the icon in place in the address bar and bookmarks area.

Using the action:
Once applied to a page the action will automatically become active. Its interface can be seen in the action’s palette (figure 2.1). Use 'Icon file' pop-up menu to select your .ico file and, optionally, an animated GIF icon using the 'Animated icon' menu.

The FavIcon action palette
Figure 2.1 - The FavIcon action interface.

To add the FavIcon action to your web pages you will need Freeway 3.1 or higher.

Browser compatibility:
FavIcons are mainly only compatible with Internet Explorer on the PC although Mozilla on the Mac can use them as well. For browsers that don't support them the icon will be safely ignored.

Click here (1.16 K) to download a copy of this action.

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