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From time to time you may come across e-mail links on web pages (otherwise known as mailto links) that, when clicked not only open up a new e-mail with the recipient's details already filled in but with the subject, CC, BCC and even body sections filled in as well.
They are achieved by extending the standard mailto link so that it contains all of this information and can therefore pass this to the e-mail application.

An example:
Here's an example;

Try me!

Mailto Linker is fully compatible with both Anti Spam and Remove Explorer Glow from Softpress.

Adding the action to your pages:
Follow the ' Applying Inline Actions ' guidelines.

Using the actions:
The action comes in two flavors. One allows the user to insert a text based e-mail link into a run of text and the other allows the same e-mail link to be applied to an existing image.

To create a text link simply place your cursor in a run of styled text where you would like the link to appear and select Action item.../ Mailto linker from the Insert menu.

Adding a mailto link to an image is just as easy. Simply select your desired image and apply the action to it from either the Item/ Actions menu or the Apply a new action button at the foot of the action palette.

The controls for both types of action are almost identical (see figure 1.0) with the only difference being that the text link version has a field for the text that appears in the link. I guess that makes sense!

Mailto Linker
Figure 1.0 - Mailto Linker's interface

All of the fields should be quite self explanatory to anyone who has used an e-mail application.

To add Mailto Linker functionality to your web pages you will need Freeway 3.1 or higher.

Browser compatibility:

Extended mailto links like this should be compatible with most browsers and e-mail clients. Adding text to the body of an e-mail, however, will require a version 4 browser or higher.

Click here (45 K) to download a copy of this action.

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