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Remote Resources

Although Freeway is adept at adding files to your web sites that are referenced both locally (ones that sit on the same server as the HTML pages) and remotely (those that are elsewhere on the web) it can be very tricky to get Freeway to reference all of these resources from a single remote site. Remote Resources is a page action that simply runs through all of the resources on a page (images, files, CSS & JavaScript references etc.) and alters their source to point to a new, remote, location.

Why would you want to do this?
If you run a site on a server service that charges you for use of bandwidth you may want to cut back the amount of data that gets downloaded from your site. By using the action your pages can sit happily on one server while the resources that it uses can sit elsewhere.
Also if you want to create an HTML based newsletter that you intend to e-mail chances are that you'll want to have every image referenced as a remote link.

Adding the action to your web pages:
To add this action to your Freeway pages follow either the 'Applying Page Actions' guidelines for individual pages or the 'Applying Folder Actions' guidelines to apply the action to a whole folder of pages.

Using the action:
Using the action is very easy.
In the Actions palette you will see that the action has just two interface controls (figure 1.1).
Use Activate to turn the action on and off.
By using this control it is possible to enable and disable the action without the need to remove it from the current page or item first.
As you would expect with the check box off your code is left untouched.
With Activate checked simply enter the path to your remotely hosted resources folder. For example http://www.mydomain.com/
It really is that simple!

As an example if I wanted to create an HTML newsletter my workflow would look something like this;

  1. Create your Freeway page as normal
  2. Publish and upload to a specific folder on your server. For example; http://www.mydomain.com/newsletters/october/
  3. Attach the Remote Resources action
  4. Enter the path to the Resources folder in the action (http://www.mydomain.com/newsletters/october/)
  5. Publish or preview the page and copy the resulting HTML for use in your e-mail newsletter

All of your resource links should now point to the page on your web site.

Remote Resources
Figure 1.1 - The Remote Resources interface

FreewayPro 3.5 or above including FreewayPro 4 and Freeway Express 4.

Browser compatibility:
All browsers.

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