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Although this action, like many others on this site, are free we do ask that you consider making a donation. All funds collected go directly back into the continued development of the actions and this site.

FatCow are a Freeway-friendly web host and offer everything a Freeway Express or Freeway Pro user need to get their sites online fast, and hassle free.

Version 1.1.1


Freeway is fantastic at building web sites while not bothering the user with the complexities of the underlying code. Sometimes, however, the lack of direct access to this code can become a problem.

If the code is altered outside of the application then these amendments are not reflected in the Freeway file. Freeway will also complain that the output HTML files have been altered when it next publishes it's code.
Altering your HTML in an application like
BBEdit, for these reasons alone, is generally regarded as a destructive process.

The best solution to date has been to use Freeway's numerous Mark-up Item... dialog boxes where ever you can. Unfortunately although this is fine for adding additional code to that which both Freeway and actions will generate, you will still have no way of editing or removing all or part of this output.

Source Code Snooper allows Freeway users for the first time in the application's history to alter the code that the application generates directly within the application itself.
This makes the action ideal for anyone who wishes to tweak the code; from minor amendments to full blown server-side scripting applications.

Adding the action to your pages:

The action can either be applied to a page or any individual item on a page.

To add this action to your Freeway pages follow the ' Applying Page Actions ' guidelines. Applying the action to a specific text box is just as simple and follows almost the same routine. Simply follow the ' Applying Item Actions ' guidelines.


Using the action:
Simply attach the action to a standard Freeway item, such as a picture box, and the action will appear in the action's palette (Figure 2.1).

Figure 2.1 - Source Code Snooper's interface.

Before you can start viewing the code for an item the code for it has to be generated. Freeway typically undertakes this task when the site is either published or previewed.

Select Publish from the File menu and the source code for the item will be available to view by clicking on the 'Edit' button in the action's palette.

If you click on the 'Edit' button prior to Freeway being able to generate the code the action will ask you to publish the site and try again (Figure 2.2).

Figure 2.2 - Before you can edit the code we need to publish the page.

Click on the 'Edit' button and you will see the code that the application has generated for the item. It will also include all of the code that prior actions have added as well as manual mark-up that applies to this item (Figure 2.3).

Figure 2.3 - Hey look, it's the code!

From here you can make any changes you require to the code simply by typing directly into this dialog box. Click on the 'OK' button to have the action substitute your code for the default Freeway generated version when you next publish or preview the site or simply click 'Cancel' to leave the code untouched. Version 1.0 of the action would mark the code as being modified if the OK button had been pressed even if the code was left untouched. This has now been rectified and now the action will only mark the code as custom if it detects a difference between the code that goes in and comes out of this dialog box.
The action will display the name of the item being edited (either item or page) at the top of the dialog box along with the date and time the item was last modified.
This becomes extremely useful when you need to revert to older code.

If you make a mistake at any time and you want to see the default code back again simply press the 'Reset' button. The action will automatically replace any code in the Edit dialog box with virgin code supplied directly from Freeway and other actions when you last published.

You may wish to 'step back' to a block of code that you had prior to making the last set of amendments. To do this simply click on the Revert button. The confirm dialog that pops up will ask you if you really want to step back like this and will display the time and date the code was last modified as well as a small preview of what the code looks like. Once confirmed the code is reinstated.

Use the Clear button to remove all of the code in the action and return it to it's original state. To edit the code once more you will need to either publish the site again or click on the Revert button.

Use the check box at the top of the action's palette to turn the action off and on. This feature can be handy in seeing how the layout differs when your changes are removed.

Ideas for using this action
If you develop web sites using any custom mark-up such as PHP or ASP you will be all too aware that your Freeway pages can end up looking like areas of custom mark-up with no visual indication of what the final pages may look like. By using this action a 'non-dynamic' HTML site can be updated with server side code while keeping all of the visual files that make working with Freeway sites so visually rewarding.

If you are new to web design and only know a smattering of HTML then this action will allow you to 'look under the hood' for certain objects in your designs. After a while the items and the code will become synonymous and your grasp of HTML widened dramatically.

To add Source Code Snooper functionality to your web pages you will need FreewayPro 3.1 or higher or Freeway Express 4 or higher.

Click here (5.61 K) to download a copy of this action.

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