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Although this action, like many others on this site, are free we do ask that you consider making a donation. All funds collected go directly back into the continued development of the actions and this site.

FatCow are a Freeway-friendly web host and offer everything a Freeway Express or Freeway Pro user need to get their sites online fast, and hassle free.


Simple Include Pro is the big brother of its more limited sibling allowing Freeway to both create and use part page includes in generated pages. Anything, more or less, that you can attach an action to can be used as the basis for an include.

Adding the action to your pages:
Follow the ' Applying Item Actions ' and ' Applying Freestanding Actions ' guidelines.

Using the actions:
Many sites have are designed around pages that share common content such as navigational systems, headers, banners, and footers. In this example we'll be looking at deploying a common footer bar in all of our site pages using the Simple Include Pro action.

First of all we need to get the content of the footer sorted out. Our footer is going to contain a copyright line and a simple Mailto link to the webmaster so that site users can keep in touch.

Once we are happy with the design and layout of the footer item we attach the Create Simple Include Pro action to it. In the actions palette we can see that the item has been given a unique name based on a combination of the page and item names.
The action also contains an option to remove the item’s code when the include is generated.
For groups of items simply sketch the action around all of the items you wish to use in your include and send it to the back. Everything enclosed within the group will be added in the include and treated as a single item by the action.

If we now sketch a Use Simple Include Pro action item box to the same dimensions as the original footer on our master page this will act as the container for the include when the site is viewed. Using the controls in the actions palette enter the name of the include item we created above and specify if the data should be merged locally or on the server (using SSIs).

Any pages based on this master will automatically take on the include defined for the footer. If you decided to use server-side includes to place the footer on the 'child' pages then you'll be glad to hear that a simple change to the single include file will automatically update all of the child pages that use it throughout the site.

The only think to watch out for when using these actions is that the ‘Create’ action should be placed on a page that is published before the ‘Use’ action for the include file to exist before it is needed. Keep this in mind and you should be OK.

Freeway 3.0 or above.

Browser compatibility:
All, as the data is merged on the server prior to the browser seeing the page.

Click here (8 K) to download a copy of this action.


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