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Download an example Freeway file
Download an
example Freeway

PHP feedback form is a simple suite of actions that allows Freeway users to quickly and easily wrap up form data and have it e-mailed using the server's own SendMail facility via PHP. Although the actions are ideally suited to feedback forms they can be used in other situations where form data needs to be e-mailed directly from the server. As the recipient address is held in the PHP code itself it is never made available to to the user in the source code and can therefore never be
harvested for spam.

Works with both PHP 4 and PHP 5
The action has been tested with both PHP 4 and PHP 5.

Adding the action to your pages:
The action can be applied as a '
Page action', or Item action.

Using the actions:
Create your form as you would normally (consult the Freeway manual if you are unsure of how to do this) and set up all of the input fields, labels and hidden inputs to your desired design.

You can apply the action in one of three ways;

  • Apply the action to the page the form is on,
  • Sketch the action to the page so that it encloses all of the form elements and send it to the back,
  • Apply the action to the table or text box that the form sits in.

In the actions palette the settings are pretty easy to understand. They are;

  • Activate - turns the action on and off
  • Error page - The page the user will be sent to if;
    1. The form that submitted the data isn't in the same domain as the PHP page
    2. The mail facility on the server fails
    3. The user has entered an invalid email address from a field called 'email'
  • Success page - This is the page the user will see once the code has successfully sent the e-mail.
  • Email recipient - This is the person that should receive the e-mails. Although this should work with multiple addresses (separated with a comma) this hasn't been tested fully.
  • Email title - The subject line of the e-mail.

Missing email address options:

  • Use - If the sender's email address is missing from the submitted data then you can choose to send the email out from either noreply@[your-domain-name.com] or a specific email address.
  • Reroute email - If the sender's email address is missing you may want to reroute a copy of this mail to the Web master or another administrator for checking. Use this option to select an email address to reroute the email to.

Advanced options:

  • Use GoDaddy's mail script - This option, when checked, will automatically set your page up to use GoDaddy's default PHP form processing script that is installed by default on their servers. Click on the 'Set up info' button to read about how to add the recipient's e-mail address to your GoDaddy account area.
  • ini_set options - Some hosting providers will make you set either the outgoing mail server (SMTP), the port number or the e-mail address the e-mail will be sent from before the e-mail actually goes out. Use this section to define these settings if you need them.
  • Add a spam trap - When checked the action will automatically insert an extra text field into your form that won't show to regular visitors. However automated spam scripts will still see the field and, if filled in, the mail is marked as spam and is discarded.
  • Track IP address - Quite simply this option will add the sender's IP address to the end of the incoming e-mail. If you are being plagued by spam, for example, you might use this information to block the user in future.
  • Debug mode - When activated debug mode simply asks the server to report all errors that it encounters when sending your form data. If you are having problems with the action try enabling this option and start speaking to your hosting provider.
  • Ignore empty fields - When checked this option will, as the name suggests, ignore all data fields that don't contain a value. If you've a large form with this option enabled your resulting email will only contain information filled out by the user and none of the empty fields.


Special names
The form names 'name', 'email' and 'subject' (without the quotes) have a special meaning. Adding a field to your form with the name 'subject' will set the subject of the resulting email to the value specified in the form data. This is handy if you want to set the subject of the email based on a value the user selects from a list for example. If the PHP detects that the 'name' and 'email' fields are both present (and the email is of a valid format) it will generate a mail message that appears to have come directly from the user. When this message is replied to the address given in the form is used. Obviously if the address if non functional then the email will bounce.
If the script cannot find an email address then it will send the email out as originating from the server in the form noreply@<server name here>. It will also append the following text to the foot of the email reminding users that they shouldn't reply to this e-mail as it will almost certainly bounce;

PLEASE NOTE: This is a message from the
<name of web site> web site
and has been sent from a machine and not a person.
Please do not reply to this e-mail as it will bounce.

Currently the action will restrict you to one form per page. This may change in the future if the need arises.

Freeway 3.0 or above. A server running PHP version 4 or above with access to SendMail.

Browser compatibility:
All. All the functionality is held on the server side in the HTML and PHP files.

Download (66 K)
this action. version 2.4.8


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