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Although this action, like many others on this site, are free we do ask that you consider making a donation. All funds collected go directly back into the continued development of the actions and this site.

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Quite often styles and fashions in other media can inspire web creations and push us to experiment with techniques and styles we would not of otherwise tried. Five Headline is an action born from a typographic style employed by the likes of the UK TV channel
Five (previously know as Channel 5) in their poster campaigns and the supermarket Sainsbury's in their in-store advertising materials.
You can find an example of the Five technique on the
TV room web site.

The style takes a line of (typically headline) text and varies the colour of each character by a slight amount. In doing so the headline is given greater depth and interest.

Adding the action to your pages:
To add the action to your web pages follow the Item action guidelines.

Some examples:
The following text has had the action applied to it using different settings.

Here the colour variation between the letters has been set to quite a low figure:
I love FreewayActions.com

Here, on the other hand, the variation has been set very high:
I love FreewayActions.com

Using the action:

Using the action is simplicity itself. Create your web page as you would normally ensuring that the HTML level is set to 4 and apply the Five headline action to the text box of the item you wish to transform.

In the actions palette you will need to type in the name of the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) style of the text. This should match exactly for the action to work. If you are uncertain of the style name use the Styles dialog under the Edit menu and copy the style name into the action.

The Colour scope pop-up menu allows you to set the colour variance of the letters to one of any of nine preset values or fine tune the value by selecting Other... and using the Other (%) text input for your custom value. This is worth playing with as different settings will suite differing type colours and styles.

As the action works by randomizing the colour values of the letters when the page is published you will notice the effect changes each and every time the page is updated. A later version of the action will hopefully allow users to 'stick' with a style once generated to overcome this.


Freeway 3.0 or above and a page set to HTML level 4.

Browser compatibility:
All HTML 4 compliant browsers.

Click here (3.60 K)
to download a copy of this action.

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