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Auction Seller Suite


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FatCow are a Freeway-friendly web host and offer everything a Freeway Express or Freeway Pro user need to get their sites online fast, and hassle free.
This Action is Freeway 7 ready!


If you sell items on eBay (the world's largest online marketplace) for fun or profit then you can potentially increase your bids by presenting your audience with a professional, inviting, and unique auction page! Why buy pre-made templates from eBay when you can make your own quickly and easily using Freeway and the skills you already have?
The Auction Seller suite of actions allows you to create stunning auction sale pages directly from Freeway. The actions take care of the code modification for you allowing you to concentrate on the design and layout of your pages. By using these actions it is now very easy to sell items via eBay that directly reflect your corporate image.

An example:
auction sellerAs an example we've put together a dummy auction listing for an Apple Airport base station, Airport card and associated software. The Auction Seller action generates both the final code for the auction listing as well as a handy preview page to show you how the design will look when completed and served from eBay's servers. You can see the preview generated by the action here and the final auction listing code here.

You will notice that the listing can contain pretty much anything you can add in a standard Freeway generated page including (but not limited to);

  • Other actions* (rollovers, and slave images were used in the example)
  • Background images
  • CSS styles
  • E-mail links

When published the action rounds all of these items up and modifies them so that they function directly from eBay's servers.

*In an attempt to prevent sellers from spoofing the system eBay block certain JavaScript code. A list of these codes can be found here.

Adding the action to your pages:
Follow the' Applying Page Actions
' guidelines.

Using the action:
Although eBay allows the use of HTML in their listing descriptions they will only host a single image for you on their servers for free. Any further images hosted on their servers will incur an additional listing charge.
To overcome this we upload the images associated with the auction listing to your own web server and simply supply eBay with the HTML that then looks for these images here rather than on their own server.
Visitors to the auction listing page will be unaware of this as they simply see the page as it was intended.

Here is an example of the sort of workflow you'll employ when using these actions;

  1. Design and create your auction listing page as you would any other web page using Freeway
  2. Apply the Auction Seller page action to the page and specify the final URL of the "Resources" folder that hold all of the images

    You may want to select the "Use auction site's clear GIF" option as this will, as the title suggests, swap Freeway's own clear GIF image (that the application uses to reinforce the table structure) with eBay's own. The advantage is that pages will display slightly faster as well as cut down on your bandwidth totals.
  3. Select the "Create a preview page" checkbox and preview your design.

    (You may notice that the preview page contains a tan coloured panel at the very top of the page that contains two text links. These allow you to swap from the preview page to just the output page so you can see the listing design in isolation. The second link, View gallery image URL , allows you to quickly display the URL of a specified gallery image by way of the "Auction Seller - gallery image" action.)
  4. Upload the page to your server making sure that the location of the Resources folder matches the setting you entered in step 2
  5. Create your auction listing in eBay's admin area, and when prompted, copy the HTML from the action interface (by clicking on the "View HTML code" button) and paste this into the supplied form.

eBay will give you the option to preview your listing before you submit it allowing you to test for any broken links or images.

The actions in the suite:
The Auction Seller action suite consists of the following six individual actions;

  • Auction Seller
    This is the main page action that does all of the work in reorganizing the code ready for eBay's servers.
    Simply attach the action to the page, and enter the URL of the "Resources folder" that resides on your own web server. When you are happy with the design, publish the page, upload it to your web server, and use the "View HTML Code" button to copy the HTML into eBay's description field when creating your listing on eBay's server.
  • Auction Seller - gallery image
    Apply this action to any image in your design and have it's final URL displayed in both the main Auction Seller action interface (click on the "View Gallery image URL" button) and at the top of the
    preview page.

    If you choose to have a gallery image associated with your sale then you can use either of these options to copy the URL into your eBay account when setting up the listing.
  • Auction Seller - text link & Auction Seller - image link
    Both of these actions allow you to easily create links that will, when clicked, show viewers your other auction items. Simply specify your eBay user ID and the link text (for the text version of the action). The code that gets inserted into your listings page will automatically determine which of eBay's regional servers the current page is on and keep your user on the same server. Without this viewers from eBay.co.uk, for example, could get easily redirected to, eBay.com.

  • Auction Seller - link to image
    This action allows you to quickly and easily show an image when the user clicks either a text or image link. The action automatically handles the image upload for you as well as allowing you to open the image in either a specific window or frame.

  • Auction Seller - feedback e-mail
    Allow users to e-mail you directly from your listings pages by using this action to place both image and text based feedback links. All e-mail links are AntiSpam encoded and allow you to automatically include the auction title and ID number in the e-mail title simply by inserting a marker in the title text field.


Freeway 3.1 or above including Freeway Pro. Not Freeway Express. A active
eBay seller account.



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