Ken Burns effect

A simple Ken Burns effect using Easy Web Animator.

Download the EWA project file (8.1 MBs).


How to:

  1. Choose File/ Photo Wizard and select the Slideshow option
  2. Choose the 13_fade_L template and click Next
  3. Choose your images and arrange them in the order you want them to appear. When you are finished click the Done button
  4. The application will create your slideshow for you automatically. from here you can easily add the Ken Burns effect.
  5. Scroll virtically through the Timeline and turn off the visibility for each layer until only the first layer is visible. this will help us set up the animation for the effect.
  6. Select the first image at the top of the Timeline.
  7. Below it you will see two orange bars. These are the fade in and fade out transitions.
  8. With the image selected choose Items/ Add Animation or press the animation button below the Editing Window.
  9. Select Move from the Animation Type dialog.
  10. Select either Move upward or Move to the side and a direction that you feel works for the image. Click OK.
  11. A ghost image will appear in the Editing Window and a blue bar will appear in the Timeline showing the effect applied to the image.
  12. Drag the blue bar so it is the same length as the image's green bar.
  13. The ghost image is the final resting image and the fully opaque image is the image as we see it when we first enter the frame.
  14. Select the fully opaque image and size it and position it so that it is larger than the viewable area.
  15. Now do the same with the ghost image.
  16. As the image animates it will scale and position between these two states (the blue bar transition) as well as fade in and out 9the orange bars).
  17. Preview and adjust until you are happy with the effect for this image.
  18. Switch the visibilty of this first layer off using the eye icon in the Timeline and repeat the process for the second image starting at step 6 above. Remember to switch the visibility of the next layer on!