Externalize is a beta action that attempts to modify a page's CSS and JavaScript code. The action can move inline CSS style to the document head (<head>), as well as optionally externalize any head styles. Checking both options will externalize all CSS found on the page. Externalized styles can also be formatted for legibility (beautify) or speed (compact).

The action also has options to externalize all found JavaScripts and to optionally compact them.

This is a beta release of this action and is unsupported. There is a very good chance that it may break something so be warned. However, I'm keen to continue to extend and enhance the action so your feedback is most welcome.

Know issues

  • Some actions don't currently like having their code externalized or compacted. If you find an action that appears to break then please let me know.
  • Styles and scripts added as markup items aren't currently found.
  • The action will create a single external JavaScript and CSS document (named <my-document-name>.js and <my-document-name>.css) for each page it is attached to. I hope to consolidate these into common files in a later version.


Download this Freeway 5 Pro action.